17 Reasons To Avoid Stress: An Infographic

Each one of us instinctively knows that stress is bad for our health. We understand the way that it fatigues us, changes our mood, and disturbs our sleep patterns, but research is starting to show that it has much more serious implications. In fact, those who experience long periods of chronic stress tend to see a gradual deterioration in their physical health.

The infographic below is based on research studies completed over the last few years, and it shows the extraordinary effects that mental health can have on our physical wellbeing. If you are looking for an excuse to declutter, simplify, and de-stress your life, this is it!

17 ways that emotional stress can impact your physical health

The remarkable thing about stress is that it can have an impact on much more than your emotions. It can affect your memory, your digestion, your blood sugar, your digestion, the way that you age, your adrenal health, your sex drive, and even your skin!

This link between emotional stress and physical wellbeing has been a part of holistic medicine for centuries, but until fairly recently has been roundly ignored by conventional medicine. Happily, this is changing. As the research studies cited in the infographic show, there is now conclusive proof that these links truly exist. With further studies being conducted by institutions like the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine (part of Harvard Medical School), you can expect to see an increasing focus on mental health as a solution to physical ailments.

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  1. Mary Stephenson says

    This is so true. When I was working at a stressful job, with an out of control boss and co-worker it was causing health issues. Lot of people were suffering under that environment and were so relieved when they either quit or were laid off.

    I used to come home and self medicate on chocolate chips (handfuls) and on a really bad day I would also have a cup of coffee, just to calm down. After being laid off, the stress subsided. Almost 4 years later and my graying hair has become darker again, the wrinkles are disappearing and the stomach pain is gone. If I had to stay another 6 months under the stress level, it would have probably put me in the hospital and maybe I would even be alive today. I was throwing up everyday that I worked. Sometimes we put up with horrible environments when we see no way out and it slowly kills us.

    Great infographic to describe what stress does to us.


    • Fawne Hansen says

      Hi Mary, thanks for the comment! Your experience sounds like so many others – be thankful that you got out of that situation :). I’m going to publish another infographic soon listing the 10 most effective ways to reduce stress. Stay in touch!

  2. says

    Thanks for this infographic, I’m definitely going to put it on my blog and I look forward to seeing your next infographic.

    I think we all except stress to easily in our lives, its become normal but at what cost.


    • Fawne Hansen says

      Hi Gemma, thanks so much for sharing :)

      I’m glad you found the infographic useful! ‘Stressed-out’ has become almost the default state for so many of us these days, but very few people realize the consequences until its too late.

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